Friday, February 1, 2008

Dock for Ubuntu Gutsy - Avant Window Navigator (AWN)

I heard the other day that it was possible to install a Mac like dock on Ubuntu, I've always liked the Mac dock and have the object dock installed on XP for a while as while as well. So I went on google and tried to figure out how to install this "Dock". I googled around for a while and eventually was able to identify Avant Window Navigation (AWN) as the way to go. After a bit of playing around I was able to install AWN and am glad to say that everthing has been working fine and have had no issues.

To install this is what you need to do.

- Make sure that compiz is enabled (I've already covered how to do this)
Go to
- Download avant-window-navigator, libawn0, python-libawn0, awn-manager.
Install them in the following order: 1) libawn0, 2) avant-window-navigator, 3) python-libawn0, 4) awn-manager

Once you are done installing you can start AWN by selecting to Application -> Accessories -> Avant Window Navigator. To modify the look and feel of AWN or to add applications you can go to System -> Preferences -> Awn manager.

Once you are done you can add applications to AWN by simply dragging and dropping.

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Have Fun showing off you new Mac Like Dock to your friends :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks man, installed AWN...loving it

embee said...

I've had Kiba Dock for a while, but AWN definitely FTW! Stable & sleek! Thanks!

Ty said...

wow that has to be the first ubuntu guide so far i've actually understood! ive been using it for two days now, and yea its great, but its a culture shock.

thanks dude.

Anonymous said...

how about amd64.. will it work?

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